Day Spa Kempsey

Day Spa Kempsey

You’ve stumbled upon the right place. Envy Day Spa offers the latest in deluxe treatments to help you take care of yourself in style. You’ll love our amicable prices and amazing service that will take your breath away.

Our core belief is to help you immerse yourself is true opulence. We are a truly incredible day spa Kempsey with a range of spa packages, massage, facial services, body treatments, hands and feet care, your man’s dream gift packages, makeup, waxing and our quality nude spray tan.

We know that across Australia, the work week is getting longer, deadlines are creating more stress than ever before, and demanding colleagues and customers take up more and more of your time. We look to enchant you with relaxation and unlock your second wind, so that the hassles of your day drain away.

Isn’t it time you thought about yourself? Take up one of our massage packages and feel your cares float away as we knead and untie those knots.

Wellness and beauty are our foremost priorities, and we know you won’t be disappointed when you check out our daily specials, because we offer an experience like no other. Imagine treating yourself to time out from work, being pampered in style by one of our beautiful therapists who we assign to see you regularly.

Our team is fully professional, licensed and dedicated to great service. Envy Day Spa Kempsey is the pinnacle of customer orientation and luxury experience, because that’s what we’re all about. Our management is very passionate about turning the clock around on stress, and empowering you to get in a mindset that will leave you feeling tremendous.

Unlock your inner energy with Envy day spa Kempsey. Call us today.