Beauty Salon Lake Cathie

Beauty Salon Lake Cathie

Are you looking for a new, luxury level of beauty and relaxation?

We are delighted to be in the unique position to empower our clients with a new generation of tailored beauty salon Lake Cathie, Envy Day Spa. Our quality team of trained beauticians are pleased to make your acquaintance as they banish wrinkles, erase time and take years off you with their magic fingers, enchanted with the power of natural beauty.

With the cares of age bringing new waves of problems, let people keep guessing at your cool nonchalance, blessed with the power of natural beauty therapy, make up and technology to keep you looking glistening and young. We know you’ll love our waxing packages, painless removal of hairs to keep your body looking smooth and young. Or try one of our massage packages and feel your cares drain away as our therapists work your body.

What’s more, our wizards won’t drain your money like some of our competitors. Our prices are tailored for your needs, and very competitive.

With a mission centered around opulence, beauty and relaxation, we are an incredible beauty salon Lake Cathie with a range of spa packages, massage, facial services, body treatments, hands and feet care, your man’s dream gift packages, makeup, waxing and a spray tan which offers superior finishes every time.

Specialising in wellness, we believe beauty helps boost self confidence. Are you interested in finding out more about us? Why not check out our daily specials, because we delight in mixing things up at our beauty salon Lake Cathie.

With beauty salon Lake Cathie experts to pamper and admire you, who needs to worry about the thoughts of others? Our team is committed to your every beauteous desire, and our staff and management is very passionate about leaving you in a mindset of tranquillity and equanimity.

Drain the cares of time away with our beauty salon Lake Cathie. Call us today.