Beautician Kempsey

Beautician Kempsey

Be prepared for a beauty experience that is totally out of this world. Who are we? Meet Envy Day Spa. Our expert beauticians are pleased to make your acquaintance as they treat you to a designer experience in beauty therapy. Equipped with the latest knowledge, certifications and technology, we’ll take every care to erase wrinkles, apply perfect makeup, and see your skin restored to an incredible new level.

Why not treat yourself? We can help you banish wrinkles forever.

With a full service centered on beauty therapy and relaxation, you can delight in our spa packages, massage, facial services, body treatments, hands and feet care, your man’s dream gift packages, makeup, waxing and renowned spray tan, all taken care of by our beautician Kempsey experts.

In most places we work, stress and money come hand in hand. The work week is getting longer, deadlines are creating more stress than ever before, and demanding colleagues and customers take up more and more of your time. You need us to help you lift the ravages of time brought on by stress, and counter it with eustress (good stress).

Beauty is more than just looking good. Beauty is tranquillity, to be admired, to be well.

Beauty increases self confidence and enables you to take on inner and outer demons that confront us in life. If you’re interest has been aroused, check out our specials, sure to take your breath away in opulence and luxury.

With a beautician Kempsey tailoring a rock solid service for you, you’ll never have to stress again about age. Our team is committed you, and all our treatments are qualified and methodical.

Ease yourself back into beauty, tranquillity and equanimity when you call us today.